Data Conveyer

Data Conveyer is an open source toolkit and a transformation engine to facilitate real-time data migrations. It enables rapid implementation of data centric solutions by leveraging the leading edge advances in technology. It is platform independent and can be used on Windows, Linux, MacOS and other platforms. The following pages provide specifics on Data Conveyer and related topics.

  • Introduction  Basic information on Data Conveyer.

  • Features  A summary of functionality offered by Data Conveyer.

  • Use Cases  Some scenarios where Data Conveyer might be useful.

  • Sample Applications  A set of simple demo applications that demonstrate some aspects of Data Conveyer’s functionality.

  • Tutorial  A brief, self-quided course that explains how to create your first Data Conveyer based solution.

  • Documentation  A comprehensive guide that includes full reference of the API exposed by Data Conveyer.

Data Conveyer is an open source project. Its source code is located in this GitHub repository. The corresponding NuGet package contains executable versions suitable for inclusion in any .NET Standard project (either .NET Framework or .NET Core).

If you would like to see a summary of Data Conveyer in a printed form, these Data Sheets might be of interest to you.

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