Sample Engagements

The following list contains a sample of prior assignments.

A set of frameworks that implemented common functionality of Facets™ extensions, both XCOM and embedded. The frameworks curtailed extension development time by a minimum of 30%.

  • Defined the API exposed by the frameworks. Authored documentation and training materials.
  • Led development efforts and oversaw delivery of the solution components.

Authored numerous Facets extensions, which often involved major technical challenges and necessitated exploiting undocumented APIs normally designated for internal, inter-process communications. Examples:

  • An adapter to augment the claim adjudication process by intercepting claims and forwarding them to a cloud-based clinical editor. The editor’s responses are applied onto claims in real time.
  • A generic, configurable browser window embedded into Facets to render data obtained from external web components.
  • A real time adjudication extension to obtain alternative claim pricing from NetworX Pricer®.
  • A seamless integrator of an HP Exstream based correspondence system into Facets.
  • Managed a development team working on a set of interfaces (both inbound and outbound) for a Medicare plan.

  • Provided guidance to developers. Acted as a mentor and a facilitator in removing obstacles, both procedural and technical.
  • Developed and executed a project plan. Stabilized project delivery through defect management process.

A specialized, real-time adapter that communicated with a custom TCP listener to send and receive claims for clinical editing during adjudication.

  • Led a technical assessment team in identifying a set of Facets components impacted by a new security requirement.
  • Created a complete remediation plan, which included detail technical designs.
  • Developed a strategy to revise a set of Facets stored procedures, so that they are forward upgradeable and meet hosting standards.
  • Led a multinational development team throughout the remediation process.
  • Coordinated implementation of deliverables and the revised upgrade process.

A customized accumulator import process which involved injection of custom data in a way that that it was consumable by the standard Facets import process.

A complex parser to examine Facets batch log files, extract required sections, such as errors and upload parsed elements to a user-defined data store. The tool was highly customizable and heavily relied on regular expressions.

Advisor to a team developing a CRM application that relied on several data sources including Facets.

  • Researched several issues revolving around Facets services, such auditing or restricting access to customer service records.
  • Created proof of concept prototypes, for example to seamlessly access relevant Facets records using Facets Interactive Driver.

A long term advisor to a 3rd party development team working on an enterprise wide web services solution in connection with a major Facets implementation.

  • Participated in and contributed to design sessions and performed design reviews of the custom solution.
  • Advised the development team on the best practices on integration with the hosting center and Facets, for example with respect to Facets services security.
  • Delivered technical training in areas related to Facets technologies formerly known as FXI, such as Facets extensions an Facets services.
  • Developed training materials.
  • Led a 6 person team developing an enterprise–wide sales force automation system.
  • The application featured highly configurable, object–oriented design, multi–tier architecture and tight integration with a SAP based ERP system.
  • Areas of focus included internationalization, code profiling, performance tuning, dynamic form generation and COM–related memory leak issues.