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Mavidian.DataConveyer.Common Namespace

This namespace contains definitions of common types used througout the Data Conveyer assembly.
Public classConstants
Provides constant values that apply to Data Conveyer processing.
Public classExternalLine
A "unit of data" that Data Conveyer receives from Intake and sends to Output. It is a "sum-type" (also referred to as a discriminated union), which means objects of this class can take different forms represented by one of the derived types. Data Conveyer provides a ExternalLineHelpers class that contains a set of utilities, such as extension methods to help manipulate ExternalLine objects,
Public classExternalLineHelpers
Helper methods such as extension methods to assist in translating to/from ExternalLine objects.
Public classProductInfo
Provides information on this version of Data Conveyer.
Public classXrecord
One of the forms (derived classes) of the ExternalLine type. Represents record-like data sent into or out of Data Conveyer. Applicable to XML and JSON data kinds.
Public classXsegment
One of the forms (derived types) of the ExternalLine type. Intended to represent X12 segment (future use, currently X12 data kind is represented by Xtext type).
Public classXtext
One of the forms (derived types) of the ExternalLine type. Represents a single line of text sent into or out of the DataConveyer. Applicable to textual data kinds, such as Delimited, Flat, etc.
Public enumerationActionOnDuplicateKey
Action in case duplicate key is encountered on intake record.
Public enumerationDeferOutput
Timing when Data Conveyer will be allowed to start the Output phase.
Public enumerationDeferTransformation
Timing when Data Conveyer is allowed to start the Transformation phase.
Public enumerationExecutionState
Processing state of one of the three phases: Intake, Transformation or Output.
Public enumerationExternalLineType
Defines nature of data that DataConveyer receives from Intake or sends to Output.
Public enumerationKindOfTextData
Type (format) of text data to process (data lines are strings separated by CR/LF).
Public enumerationPhase
Phase of the Data Conveyer process execution.
Public enumerationPropertyBinAttachedTo
Flags defining entities that the property bin objects are attached to.
Public enumerationQuotationMode
Specifies which values are to be surrounded with quotes on output.
Public enumerationRouterType
Type of router that determines the output target.
Public enumerationTransformerType
Type of transformer to be invoked during Transform phase.