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Second Attempt, File Copy

The sample code below performs a noticeable action: it makes a copy of an input.txt file and saves it as an output.txt file.

Noticeable Action

Data Conveyer's configuration settings, i.e. properties of the OrchestratorConfig object can be assigned using the object initializer syntax. In our second attempt, we are specifying names of input and output files, which tells Data Conveyer to read input from and write output to the respective files. In absence of other settings, Data Conveyer assumes its default action of copying unchanged records. This action in effect creates an identical copy of a text file.

using Mavidian.DataConveyer.Orchestrators;
var myConfig = new OrchestratorConfig()
  InputFileName = "input.txt",
  OutputFileName = "output.txt"
var orchtr = OrchestratorCreator.GetEtlOrchestrator(myConfig);
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