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First Attempt, One-Liner

Virtually every user definable element of the Data Conveyer's API can be omitted, in which case Data Conveyer assumes a default value. This first attempt takes this fact to the extreme by defining no parameters at all.

Bare-bones Example

Here is a perfectly legitimate way to orchestrate and execute the entire data migration process. For readability, two lines of code are used. However, the same statement can be re-written in a single line of code.

using Mavidian.DataConveyer.Orchestrators;
OrchestratorCreator.GetEtlOrchestrator(new OrchestratorConfig()).ExecuteAsync();

A word of explanation: GetEtlOrchestrator(OrchestratorConfig) is a factory method that creates an orchestrator instance for a given configuration; ExecuteAsync is a method that executes an orchestrated data migration process.

Admittedly, the above code is not very useful as it simply transfers empty data. However, the second attempt will demonstrate a sample code that performs a noticeable action.

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