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Mavidian.DataConveyer.Entities.KeyVal Namespace

This namespace contains entities that define canonical data used by Data Conveyer. In simple terms, KeyVal canonical data is a three level hierarchy consisting of: items (key value pairs), records and clusters. Each cluster is a collection of records and each record is a collection of items.
Public structureItemDef
Defines characteristics of an item.
Public interfaceICluster
Interface defining a record cluster
Public interfaceIItem
Interface defining an item: a strongly typed key value pair
Public interfaceIRecord
Interface defining a record; it refers to strongly typed values of items contained in the record
Public interfaceIRecordBase
Base interface for IRecord and IUntypedRecord interfaces
Public interfaceITypedItemTVal
Interface defining an item with a value of a specific type
Public interfaceIUntypedRecord
Interface defining a record; it refers to string representations of items contained in the record
Public enumerationItemType
Possible data types of item values.